The Hideaway Ella

Ella, (3,415 ft above sea level) just 40 minutes from Haputale, has always been a hideaway to Sri Lankans, truly embodying the essence of tranquility. During WWII, this serene town served as a retreat for the British Empire when faced with external threats. Today, Ella is synonymous with laid-back charm, surrounded by verdant tea estates and thriving vegetable farms. Welcome to the eco and trekking capital of Sri Lanka.

Nestled within Ella's picturesque landscape liesThe Hideaway, a sanctuary offering breathtaking vistas and rich history. Once favored by the British Tea Baron, Sir Thomas Lipton, who sought solace and inspiration amidst his tea empire, Ella boasts panoramic views epitomized by "Lipton's Seat." Unlike Nuwara Eliya, Ella's climate is mild and pleasant, conducive to year-round trekking adventures. The refreshing breeze provides respite during challenging hikes along winding paths through diverse terrain.

Adding to its allure, The Hideaway is conveniently situated just 3 minutes from the starting point of stage 15 of the renowned Pekoe Trail. Set within a sprawling 12-acre tropical garden, the property offers a verdant oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the touristic Ella city center, located approximately 45 minutes away. Here, guests can bask in serene surroundings and soak in unspoiled views of nature, embracing the peace and tranquility that define the essence of Ella.


The chef would be glad to cook whatever you might want to have, of course the choice is yours to either be on pension basis or set menu. The food comes without the additives as in these parts of Sri Lanka, cooks love to show their prowess in whatever they cook rather than get outside help to do it.

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